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Our Pricing Policy has no Hidden Fees. Our prices are competitive and the Quality/Price ratio is unmatched. You will not find similar or equivalent quality accommodation, as well located, for less. The Booking process is Simple and all Payment Methods are Accepted.


Everything is Ready when you Arrive and Everything is Included in the price: bedding, towels, housekeeping before and after your stay, fully equipped kitchen, general maintenance during your stay (snow removal, shoveling, SPA maintenance). All you need to plan for are your hygiene and personal care products, and your meals. Click on the link and visit THE PROPERTY page to see all inclusions.

WINTER ( except: Xmas, New Year & March Break )


2 NIGHTS (W-E)     999 $

5 WEEKNIGHTS   1,599 $

WEEK                 1,999 $

XMAS & NEW YEAR ( Minimum Stay: 4 Nights )


499 $ / NIGHT



2 NIGHTS (W-E)  1,099 $

5 WEEKNIGHTS   1,649 $

WEEK                 2,199 $

5 NIGHTS   1,149 $

6 NIGHTS   1,299 $

7 NIGHTS   1,349 $

SUMMER VACATIONS ( from St-Jean-Baptiste to Labor Day )


2 NIGHTS (W-E)     799 $

5 WEEKNIGHTS   1,399 $

WEEK                 1,699 $



2 NIGHTS      699 $

3 NIGHTS      849 $

4 NIGHTS      999 $




We work exclusively on the "first come, first served" principle. We must have in our possession both the completed contract as well as the initial deposit in order for you to secure your reservation and acquire the dates for your stay.




The initial deposit is equivalent to 50% of the rental price and is required to make the reservation, the balance along with the Security Deposit are payable 30 days before your stay. We accept personal checks (provided we are more than 30 days away from your stay), Interac WEB transfers and Credit Card payments via PAYPAL.




The Minimum Security Deposit is $750.




Arrival is at 4 PM the earliest. Departure is no later than 11 AM.



All prices are taxable as required.

All rates are for standard rentals:


  • A one-night rental is the same price as 2 nights rental

  • A weekend rental starts on Friday and ends on Sunday

  • A 5 weeknights rental starts on Sunday and ends on Friday

  • A 7 nights (week) rental starts on Friday to end the following Friday

  • A 3 nights weekend rental starts Friday and ends Monday unless it is a long weekend and the associated Holiday is Friday (e.g. Good Friday, Canada Day, St-Jean-Baptiste Day). On such occurrences, the weekend will start on Thursday and end Sunday.


Contact Us for any inquiry about rates.


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